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Seacoast Vacations

Vacation Rental Investment Services

Purchase - Through the Port City Group we can assist in finding you the best potential options in rental properties available for purchase! Using meticulously captured data, our skilled team develops a comprehensive list of purchase opportunities for your review. Further, we’re able to modify our search by size, location, and overall capitalization rate. Most importantly for you, this means that all options have been carefully vetted by our staff prior to your review. And that they are on point to be easily marketed, well received and profit generating. In addition, we offer in-network properties that offer no downtime during ownership transition! Above all, our vacation rental investment services deliver targeted purchase option results. Further saving you time and energy! 


Already own a vacation rental, but want it to be and produce above par.

Our vacation rental investment services can make that happen!


Remodel – Understanding that the objective is to drive income and provide future guests with all the comforts and accommodations associated with the Seacoast Vacation’s brand. Our design team meticulously reviews your options to ensure that the entire property will flow and appeal to your future guests. For instance, tile and flooring, paint, decor, and furniture options – we can take care of it all. Our team of experts are well equipped to manage any project (big or small).  You can expect complete transparency and no surprise fees making the experience of working with us even better!


Design/Outfitting – From full design and outfitting overhauls to adding minor decorative touches – we’ll handle it all. Our skilled in-house designers can polish even the roughest of gems into a diamond worthy of being called the best. We’re known by our guests for providing high-quality accommodations. And respected by our partners for our trade discounts and expertise. As a result, saving them time and money! We never lose sight of the goal – to provide a marketable, cost efficient and profitable vacation rental. Adding our signature decorative touches provides a world class competitive edge to your investment rental!


Vacation Rental Investment Management  

We work hard so you don’t have to…


Rental Management – Partners are invited to be as involved as they care to be – we understand that this is YOUR property. And your level of involvement may vary depending on your experience, schedule, and trust. We provide the same range of services and dedication to YOUR property that we do our own! We’re investment and business-minded with an insatiable appetite to provide and be the best. Our rates management, property quality, guest services, and strategic marketing yields greater profits. Resulting in an average revenue 2-3 times more than that of our peers. And while maintaining consistently high occupancy rates across all the rentals in our network. We make ownership easy. And always ensure that there are no hidden fees for the services we provide.


Credentials’ve seen our services – now see how we make it happen!


Seacoast Vacations continually pushes the industry norm in our desire to be the best at what we do. So, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to the level and quality of services we provide. Consequently, we exhaust all viable options when it comes to the marketing, promotion, and maintenance of your investment. Resulting in an effective and result driven approach to vacation rental investment management. And we have the credentials to back it up too!

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